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Welcome to Metallife

Metallife is the professional company that develops and
produced opto-electronic parts based on material science.
We’ve striven for development & production of these items to
meet customer’s needs with professional engineer skilled more
than 15 years experience and the largest production capability.

We first developed the standard butterfly package of optical communication in Korean and have produced
opto-electronic parts such as BTF-PKGs, mini-DIL-PKGs and sub-components that satisfy MIL-standard 883E with
high-quality & low cost.

As the largest manufacturer of hermetic glass-to-metal packages and ceramic-to-metal packages in Korea,
we are supplying the packages in application of optical communication, telecommunication, RF power transistor,
micro-wave, military, aerospace, industrial and medical.

Metallife will continue to make every effort toward the development of various essential industries with customers.